You deserve to invest your time in a meaningful, impactful career. 

But figuring out exactly what that is can be confusing, frustrating, and downright discouraging to determine on your own.

I know you: you are talented. You are hard working. You have a deep desire to leave the world in a better place than when you entered it.

And you know that in order to make it happen, you need to do something different than what any traditional job offers. 

But you're stuck on defining exactly what that means to you, and how to make a living doing it.

The Career Roadmapping Program focuses exactly on that: providing you a pragmatic, personalized, and detailed framework to define a career around your talents and purpose. 

Over four months, you will clarify and define your personal roadmap through engaging and intentional activities. 

By the end you will be able to confidently define your purposeful role and have the tools and habits to continue your journey.

The Career Roadmapping Program is for you if... 

  • You’ve been tirelessly trying to find the ‘perfect’ role but nothing seems quite right for you.
  • You keep reading books, listening to interviews, and absorbing loads of knowledge but have yet to put any of it into action.
  • You’re struggling to pinpoint what you do well and how to get paid doing it. 
  • You feel too close to your work and need an outside voice to help you see the “forest through the trees.” 

These alone are reason enough to stop you in your tracks and return to fitting yourself into a job that you're not crazy about. 

But I’m sure you have bigger hopes and dreams, like: 

  • You want to feel confident in how you describe what you do. 
  • You want to be paid for what you do so well and naturally. 
  • You want to put your talents towards impactful work. 
  • You want to feel excited and assured about your career path.  

"Katie helped me define, organise and prioritise the qualities in projects and people that matter most to me in order to feel engaged with and productive in my work. Her constant support during in-person meetings and via email helped me develop my thoughts quite fast and take active steps towards my career transition. She knew the best questions to ask to help me bring my thoughts on board. I feel much more confident as I’m already in touch with potential collaborators and working towards what I want to do!"  

Ifigeneia Dilaveraki, Architect,

About Katie Crepeau

The Career Roadmapping Program was born out of hundreds of emails I’ve received from designers stuck in unfulfilling jobs, burned out from scanning job boards, and struggling with what to do next. This is the exact thing I was looking for eight years ago when I left the traditional architecture path. It took me years of cobbling together advice, learning from outside resources, and putting it to practice (and failure) to create a nontraditional design role that fits me.

But it doesn’t have to take you eight years. 

As an architect, consultant, writer, and coach, I’ve dedicated my time, energy, and efforts to not only studying unconventional design roles but also supporting designers seeking to break out of the traditional box and create a uniquely personalized career path. 

Central to the program is stripping away external pressures and unearthing the core answers lying latent inside you. I've customized my framework to include activities and resources used by highly-impactful and successful individuals and entrepreneurs. The process I've created helps you articulate your unique offering in a simple, effective way.

Along with defining your role, you will also be focused on implementing. Because only when you take intentional action will you see results. The combition of visioning, communicating, and taking action is exactly what I love helping people do to make their dreams a reality.

"After returning from a career break delivering impact in humanitarian work, I was ready for a new challenge but lacked the confidence to know which direction I wanted to take. Katie provided the space for me to dream big and think outside the box by creatively challenging me to tap into ideas lying latent inside me through a series of hands-on, practical activities. Through her structured, strategic, patient and empathetic approach I was able to focus my interests and skills that best represented ME! Her passion, professionalism and support is invaluable and unfaltering."

Gemma Drake, Design Researcher, @gemmadrake

Career Roadmapping Program Details

What's included in the 4-month program: 

  • 8 x 50-minute sessions with me (in-person for London-based individuals; video call for anywhere else in the world) 
  • Digital playbook of personalized activities and resources to use during and after the program 
  • My personal review, analysis of and feedback on key activities you complete 
  • Phone, email and/or WhatsApp support in between sessions

Let's take a closer look

Here's what we'll cover in eight sessions: 

1. Welcome Session

Set expectations, discuss ‘housekeeping’, and review your past experience.

2. Discover Your Career Thread

Prioritize the skills, strengths, environment, and people to do your best work.

3. Identify Your Values

Determine your unique characteristics and qualities that drive your career.

4. Craft Your Ambition Statement

Choose the 5-year impact you want to have on the world.

5. Define Your Unique Role

Identify the options to describe what you do.

6. Describe Your Guiding Principles

Select your parameters to make decisions on current and future opportunities.

7. Produce Your Short-Term Plan 

Determine your 1-year and 3-month goals that support your ambition statement.

8. Prepare Your Independent Action Plan

Specify the habits and resources to keep you on track independently.

*Please note this is an overview of the sessions; I might suggest adjusting the topic order or changing the topic completely to meet your needs and timeline.

Most importantly, by the end of the Career Roadmapping Program you will feel confident, proud, and energized by all that you’ve accomplished and what you’re doing next to fulfill your career dreams.

Let's make those aspirations a reality

For the four-month program, I offer two investment options:

4 Monthly Installments: $397

- or - 

Full Payment: $1497 

Are you ready to create your unique career roadmap? Let’s schedule a 30-minute conversation to get to know one another and make sure we’re a fit.

Career Roadmapping Program FSOs

(Frequently Stated Objections)

Hm, I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave my job.

That is fine! If you have a job, I encourage you to stay in it while you explore and define your next steps. This can provide you financial security along with potential connections to future opportunities. There's no reason to severe the cord if you're not ready to make the full leap. 

I don’t think people will want to hire me or pay me for my talents.

I completely empathize feeling undefinable, undesirable, and unrecognizable. But through the program you will define your role, who needs what you do, and the options in which to make it happen. If people who fold origami and bake brownies can make a living, I believe you can, too. It’s about putting together the puzzle pieces for what that means for YOU.

I can’t afford the program cost.

If you are under extreme financial pressure and the cost of the program will wipe out the remaining balance in your bank account, please do not enroll. Financial security is much more important to focus on, especially if you’re solely responsible for your living costs. For a DIY start, check out my recommended list of career books that all cost under $20 USD.

What if I need help after the program?

I want you to end the program with confidence, clarity, and long-lasting energy. But I know that life happens and you might need further support. I offer return clients ad-hoc sessions and advanced programs, which I'm happy to share more with you towards the end of the Career Roadmapping Program.

Any other objections or concerns? 

I meet every single potential client before enrolling in the program because I want to make sure what you need is what I can help you achieve. So if this program sounds like it might fit you, then click the button below to schedule a 30-minute conversation. 

Ready to define your unique career path?

For the four-month program, there are two investment options:

4 Monthly Installments: $397

- or - 

Full Payment: $1497 

Let’s schedule a 30-minute conversation to get to know one another and make sure we’re a fit.

Career Roadmapping Program Promise

My core promise is to you is that you will learn new skills and methods to define a personal career path and gain confidence in the steps you’re taking towards your career vision. If for any reason you feel unfulfilled, I kindly request you speak honestly about your concerns before cancelling future sessions. I strive for full client satisfaction so I will always try to change and accommodate your needs first.

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